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Virtue Medical Logo Design

Virtue Medical Group provides primary care to adults and senior patients in diverse communities. VMG strives to deliver compassionate and quality medical care to all patients. They currently have three locations throughout Orange County.

The project included a medical logo design, brand guidelines, and a fillable PDF invoice design.


Medical Logo design

The client wishes to communicate a sense of care and compassion while emphasizing that it is a medical facility through the logo. The medical logo design is a simplified image of a stethoscope arranged to form a medical cross. The headset and the stethoscope’s tubing also include the shape of 2 geometric hearts interlinking, communicating the idea of care and compassion.
Logo design grid
Apercher Medical Logo Design for Virtue Medical Group logo design
Apercher Medical Logo Design for Virtue Medical Group logo design Pantone colors


Logo color

The two monochromatic blues connect to the feeling of stability and strength and relates to the medical industry. The sky blue signifies energy but is still grounded by the ash blue underneath.


Logo typeface

The client desired a clean san-serif font to relate a feeling of modernity and openness with the typeface. The typeface used is bolded, and words are title cased to make words easier to read for seniors.
Apercher Medical Logo Design for Virtue Medical Group with Montserrat Typeface

One-Stop by Design

Invoice design

The client wanted a simple and clean invoice to be printed and used in-house. The fillable PDF invoice can be both filled out electronically or written manually.
Apercher Invoice Design fillable PDF

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