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Trojan Tech Stationery Design

A client from Trojan Battery Company requested a logo design and stationery design for their Trojan Tech division. The design goal was to brand Trojan Battery as a highly technical company with credibility and reliability. The target audience that Trojan seeks to captivate ranges from domestic to international customers, golf resorts, golf cart owners that relies on batteries to power their carts, and off-grid customers who would like electric access from remote places.


Logo design

The logo design merges the two letter “T”s of Trojan Tech┬áto form a three-dimensional shape. This shape represents a building corner to showcase structure and stability. A slight shadow is cast from the shape also shows how this brand is grounded and reliable.

Apercher Logo Design for TrojanTech
Apercher Logo Design Color for TrojanTech


Logo color

The logo design utilizes maroon and gray colors from the existing Trojan Battery branding guidelines.


Logo typeface

The font type chosen for Trojan Tech is used to give a modern and highly-technical feel. The mixture of sharpness and curves in the shape of each letter communicates structure yet approachability.

The text in all caps communicates a feeling of power and stability. The bold font weight adds emphasis to this sense of strength as well.

Apercher Logo Design Typeface for TrojanTech

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Stationery design

Stationery design is personalized and/or branded writing materials, such as letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and other various paper products. It is used for professional (and even personal) correspondence to officiate a statement and to communicate the company's brand.

Apercher Stationary Design for TrojanTech

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