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Lithium Logo Design

The Lithium logo design aims to brand the new lithium product that Trojan Battery Company is marketing. With the rise of lithium batteries in the market, it is more crucial than ever to highlight Trojan's lithium battery as a unique brand with a distinctive and established voice. show less


Logo design

The logo uses the elemental symbol of lithium, Li, to construct two pillars. The towering pillars show strength, and its sharp point mimics the edges of lithium in its organic form. The pillar is contrasted with the rounded square shape behind it to offer stability.
Lithium Logo Design by Apercher
Lithium Logo Design Color by Apercher


Logo color

An aqua color was used to annotate elements of the earth and sky. The aqua color also alludes to the green sustainable energy that Lithium Battery wishes to communicate through its brand.


Logo typeface

The wide characters of the typeface evoke a feeling of openness and cleanliness. This is often referenced to nature and vitality. Having the typeface in all uppercase letters emphasizes the importance and boldness of the brand.
Lithium Logo Design Typeface by Apercher

One-Stop by Design

Logo design

The lithium logo is placed on a dark and light background to showcase its diversity in different background applications.
Lithium Logo Design Business Card by Apercher

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